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Sign up for your DOT Consortium Compliance Package.

Assign Us as Your C-TPA

1. Certificate of Enrollment

2. 24/7 Customer Support 

3. DOT Consortium Random Drug/Alcohol Pool

4. FMCSA Clearinghouse- C-TPA

5. Quarterly Random Notification

6. Audit Support

7. MIS Compliance Reports

8. Quarterly Random Notifications

9. MRO (Medical Review Officer)

10. SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) If an evaluation is necessary for a positive UA cost is included in enrollment fee

11. Cost of Drug and/or Alcohol test if pulled for random (included in enrollment fee)

12. Follow up testing of any kind covered

DrugShield is a reputable company that has been in business for 17 years. You can assign us as your CTPA as well. You can find access to that link below. If we are already assigned as your CTPA, we will continue to do so. If we are pulling your queries for you, please make sure that you have purchased your credits for that in the Clearinghouse. We are not allowed to purchase them for you.
If you are a DOT driver who has a CDL please view the items below that are required by DOT (FMCSA)
1. You must be enrolled in a consortium for randoms. (You're already enrolled with DrugShield, if you have one of our certificates, Yearly renewal fee included in the package cost or individually priced below.)
2. You must be enrolled in the Clearinghouse and assign us (DrugShield) as your C-TPA 
3. When pulled for a random drug and/or alcohol screen, you must report to a drug testing facility immediately when notified, or be making the proper steps to get the test completed. If results have not been received by the consortium within 7 days, you will be contacted and asked to explain why the test was not completed. This could cause a violation in the clearinghouse if not completed. (DrugShield will set up testing, find location, and cover cost in package)
4. You must have a DOT physical every 2 years. (DrugShield Does Not Cover The Cost For This)
5. You must have a DOT Pre Employment Drug Screen. (DrugShield will set up testing, find location, and cover cost in package)
6. You must be willing to submit to a Post Accident Drug (You must email DrugShield Immediately if there is an accident. Failure to do so can result in a violation being reported) (DrugShield will set up testing, find location, and cover cost in package)
7. Failed drug screens must be reported to the Clearinghouse as they are considered violations. (DrugShield does and covers cost)
8. Retention of records. DrugShield will keep backup records for you. We automatically back up work we do for you. Anything you do outside of us will only be backed up by us if you provide us the information / documentation to file for you. (DrugShield does and covers cost) 
9. Reporting results in a management information system (MIS) when requested.  (DrugShield does and covers cost)
10. DrugShield will refer you to our direct SAP in the event of a violation to ensure the situation gets resolved adequately and efficiently. (DrugShield Does Not Cover The Cost For This)
11. Annual Renewal fees will be $300
Non-Package Information
If you currently have all the items listed above in place, great! If not, we are capable of providing the services and ensuring you maintain compliance. Please see the link below for services we offer. Our Cost to maintain your compliance yearly is $500 per driver. If you decide not to enroll directly through us and use our services annually, but need our assistance with the following, here is the cost.
$100 per drug test (Pre-Employment, Random, Post-Accident, Reasonable Suspicion, and more)
$30 per hour R&D Services (Testing location search, CCF creations, Audits, Quarry Pulls, MICS reports, Tracking, Administration, File back Ups, Random Pulls )
$100 Yearly Certificate Renewal 
Again, if you need any assistance please don't hesitate to email us. There are many enrollments that their closure affects, so please understand we will process requests and/or questions as quickly as we can.
Thank you,
DrugShield Staff

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