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Definition of Time Block?

Time Block is a designated time frame pre set by DrugShield Staff of hours of operation for scheduled appointments. Required appointments is necessary while we service other clients that request our Mobile Units to their commercial sites.

What constitutes an After Hour Charge?

An After Hour Charge is ANY request for services outside of ANY scheduled Time Block. This is an $25 fee. It will also only be performed if a collector is available. If you are not an Invoiced client you will need to pay the After Hours fee in advance. If you do not show up for that After Hours Appointment you will forfeit your pre-paid After Hours Fee.

What are your daily office hours?

We do NOT have regular open business hours. Must schedule appointment.

Do you offer mobile services to personal residences?

Situational. Decisions will be determined on a case by case basis. More information would need to be provided. Our priority is to maintain the safety of our staff

My deadline to complete my test is today but the time you sent me on the calendar invite doesn't work for me. What are my options?

You will deny your invite and provide us the necessary information as to why the time frame does not work. If there is another time block available that day we will send you a new invite. If you are still needing a time outside of that ,you have the ability to request an after hours. The fee for this is $25 at time of service.

Your website states you accept requests Mon-Fri Day or Night, does that mean you are open 24/7?

No. Although you have the ability to visit our website at any time to schedule, the hours for each day will be set blocks of time.

If someone is in your office but I have not scheduled an appointment, is it okay to walk-in or must I leave and schedule first?

Yes. If a member of staff is in office you can walk in and schedule on site as long as it is for a urine screen collection. If you are requesting a specialty test such as blood work, physical, DNA this option will only work if the staff member who provides that service is in office. If not, you will need to schedule for a different day.

Is there any other options to schedule an appointment outside of completing the form on your website?

Yes. You can email/text/call Contact information is on the top right side of our home page

If I have multiple employees needing tested, do I have to schedule them individually?

No. You do not have to schedule them individually. In the first field of the form you will place your business name. Make sure that while selecting all fields that pertain to your request select Multiple Donor Submission as well.